Matej Rojc,PhD, Darinka Verdonik,PhD, and Izidor Mlakar,PhD have in the scope of project “Development of research infrastructure for the international competitiveness of the Slovenian RRI space – RI-SI – CLARIN” lead by Institut “Josef Stefan” (Erjavec Tomaž,PhD) deliver to FERI first supercomputer NVIDIA DGX-1 (HPC-CLARIN), a crucial research infrastructure for the artificial intelligence and international competitiveness. The University of Maribor is a member of CLARIN.SI project, the national hub of the European research infrastructure CLARIN. UM as a partner in the consortium is a knowledge source in the field of speech technologies, the construction of Slovene language spoken resources, machine translation, and the creation and processing of large text databases. The high-performance CLARIN supercomputer DGX-1 will provide research and development of machine learning methods in the field of artificial intelligence. The DGX-1 with supercomputing capability of 1000 TFLOPS, 40.960 CUDA cores, and 5.120 Tensor cores delivers highly parallel machine learning performance, and the shortest possible time to generate results. The project undoubtedly represents an additional push to work on artificial intelligence in both research and pedagogical terms, as it will also open up opportunities for students for interesting projects, as well as graduate and master theses.