Izidor Mlakar,PhD and Matej Rojc,PhD participated in a Horizion 2020 proposal: Patients-Centered SurvivorShIp Care Plan after Cancer Treatments Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies (PERSIST), on the call H2020-SC1-DTH-2019. The proposal led by Gradient (dr. Helena Fernández López) was approved for funding in April 2019, with a grade 14.5 out of 15. The DSPLab’s primary focus will be to lead the design of the sensing network involving soft and physical sensors, and design of the multimodal conversational intelligence. Activities will involve big data analytics, multimodal signal fusion, and artificial intelligence. Dr. Izidor Mlakar will also take the role of the Dissemination manager of the project. The project undoubtedly represents an additional momentum for the work on artificial intelligence both in the research perspective, and in the pedagogical perspective, as it will also open up opportunities for students to work on interesting projects, as well as graduate and master theses.