04/02/2020 Press Conference: The University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts and Feri (DSPLab) launched a high-tech Persist project to help cancer patients and the doctors treating them.

We can treat cancer – to operate it, to treat it with biological medicines, radiation … This is how doctors at UCC Maribor currently treat patients, but what about next? When the patient is in home care, perhaps even alone, he “has a mental storm in his head,” according to the director of the institution, Vojko Flis, all of which can affect patients treatment. For better knowledge of the recovery, researchers will collect data from patients outside the clinical center’s offices through the Persist project. Cancer patients, for now 20 breast cancer patients and 20 colon cancer patients, will now be monitored by smart technologies as well as psychologists. Not directly, but with the help of artificial intelligence, which will turn a mass of data into relevant analyzes to help doctors to monitor the patient.

Patient Support Platform
13 members from 10 countries participate in the Persist project, the total value of the project is more than five million euros, and partners from Slovenia receive 700,000 euros. In Slovenia, 40 patients will participate in the study, together with patients from other countries, to provide sufficient data to establish a new concept of patient monitoring. The aim of the innovation is to improve the quality of life after treatment for patients and to build a platform to support physicians in diagnosing and making decisions in daily practice that will help optimize treatment decisions and outcomes.