Researcher, W/M, working in the field of multimodal communication

  1. Posted job: Researcher m/f

We are looking for a candidate to apply for a job as part of the H2020 project.

Number of posted positions: 1

  • Job Location: University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer and Information Science, Laboratory for Digital Signal Processing
  • Job code: H017014
  • Type of employment: full-time
  • Duration of employment: full time fixed term for the duration of the project (expected upto 02/28/2023)
  • Trial: 3 months

Note: The candidate is elected to the relevant scientific title of Senior Researcher.

  1. Work field:
  • Multimodal interpretation of feelings in the restricted domain through speech, language, facial expressions (BoC models, Sentics, Affect Recognition)
  • Domain-specific conversation intelligence systems (so-called ‘chattbot’ / ‘dialog system’ technology) restricted to the domain of health placed in the ecosystem of personalized care
  • Visual analytics and multimodal fusion.
  1. General description of tasks:
  • Planning the implementation of their work, professional and research activities in accordance with the project plan,
  • implementation of agreed scientific research and professional activities on the project,
  • preparation of written reports and studies related to professional and research activities on the project,
  • Collaboration with other researchers on the project and participation in project meetings.

The successful candidate will play an important role in developing new models of multimodal interpretation of user responses and developing new methods for monitoring well-being and detecting mood and depression. The successful candidate will participate in the development of new models of multimodal interaction that will support the capture of information through multimodal sensing and delivery of machine responses realized through virtual conversational agents (i.e., conversational intelligence with a virtual 3D body – speech + ECA). The work will mainly address the following areas: understanding of multimodal communication, dialogue systems, fusion of information, and interaction concepts, such as: presenting information, recognizing and signaling confirmation of understanding, identifying missing context, and retrieving information through conversation or communication, or game (i.e. gamification). If the candidate does not already have a PhD, he/she may also be allowed to pursue a doctoral study at UM FERI.

  1. Conditions for performing the work:

Required education (degree and direction):

  1. required education:
  • university (former) in computer and information science, or telecommunications, or electrical engineering, or
  • master’s degree (2nd Bologna degree) in computer and information science, or telecommunications, or electrical engineering, or
  • master of Science (previous) in Computer and Information Science, or Telecommunications, or Electrical Engineering, or
  • PhD (previous) in Computer and Information Science, or Telecommunications, or Electrical Engineering, or
  • PhD (3rd Bologna Degree) in Computer and Information Science, or Telecommunications, or Electrical Engineering.

Note: The candidate may be a graduate of the 2nd Bologna degree in a related field with a demonstrated knowledge of the subject area of computer science and informatics, or telecommunications (user interfaces and human machine interaction).

  1. Functional knowledge and other requirements:
  • ICT skills, use of computer tools and knowledge of programming and scripting languages, e.g. python, javascript, c#, java,
  • active knowledge of English
  • desired basic understanding and knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in areas, such as NLP, NLU, SLU and NLG,
  • desirable scientific and/or project work experience
  • a sense of organizing your own work and working in a research team
  1. Application:

Applicants should attach in their application:

  1. CV with possible details of the research work and previous research experience
  2. a letter of motivation
  3. a copy of the proof of education
  4. any bibliography and research and development achievements.

Applicants should submit the application with attachments to the e-mail address, and with the attribution “Researcher on project H02020“.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer and Information Science of the University of Maribor reserves the right not to select a candidate in accordance with the contractual freedom under Article 24 of the ZDR-1, despite the fact that it fulfills the conditions.

  1. Contact persons on FERI, UM:

Izidor Mlakar
Phone.: 02 220 72 67